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IT'S GETTING CLOSER!  The rough mix for the new CD is finished! We will have copies this week for final approval, sequencing, etc.  Release date still not confirmed but it will be sometime this spring.  Look for features on the new CD on www.xtaticmusic.net in the upcoming months, corresponding with the official release date.  In the meantime, stay tuned to the Journal here on the site for the latest info from Kevin, or check out his "kolumn" over at Xtaticmusic!

XTATICMUSIC.NET IS LAUNCHED! Go here www.xtaticmusic.net to check out the latest venture Kevin is involved in. A lot of you are familiar with Sir Tonus from our link to his weblog (if not, go to the links page and see what he's all about), and with his launch of the music-site XtaticMusic.net.  Well, now VG's very own throat will be a featured columnist on the site as well. Check in daily with Tony, Kevin, Jeremy, and the rest of the crew at Xtatic for fulfillment of that music-jones we know you all have! Kevin's ramblings can be found on the "Kev's Korner" page. Hope you enjoy the site!
A NOTE FROM KEVIN: "Xtatic is offering FREE WEB HOSTING for any interested bands. No, Tony isn't going to build and maintain a site FOR YOU, but with a little input from you, the band, he will host mp3s, graphics, and other content for you to snazz up your existing web-presence or just plain draw more folks to your site. If you don't have a site for your band, this is a good start. Trust me...Tonus will aid and abet you in your endeavors to reach more and more people nationwide, and worldwide as well! Check it out! What can it hurt?!" Go to www.xtaticmusic.net and contact Tony for more details

TRACKING IS COMPLETE! That's right folks. All the tracks for the upcoming CD have been completed. John finished guitar overdubs on Sunday so now it's mix time! We should start hearing some semi-produced tracks in the next few weeks. We'll let you know how it sounds. We're still looking at a Spring release so stay tuned!

ROGER'S BABY IS BORN! Congratulations go out to VG drummer Roger Coffman and his girlfriend Heather on the birth of their baby boy, Zachary Coffman on Christmas day! The guys in the band all wish the best for the new family!