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Kev's Journal

It's been a few weeks since I weighed in on anything. I must say that I haven't felt like writing much. I've hit this Summer lethargy where I don't want to do anything except get my freakin' vacation started.  Desert Plains here I come!  Well, that is a month away so I may as well comment on some crap before hand.
   Had a rough show last night. I do want to thank the folks who finally came out to see us play after years of saying they would.  For those who were there and want to know what the hell happened, well, I simply took exception to a certain member of one of the other acts trying to act like it was his show. The party's involved know who I'm talking about so I am not going to waste my time engaging in back-biting. My own bandmembers read this site and I have no problems with any of them.  I do however, have problems with the way things went down and the fact that VG was treated as second-class to something that was only booked to fill time. No offense to the efforts put forward by that group. I just think the time and the place was wrong. And the amount of people that fled the bar during their set enforces my opinion. Never should I have to apologize to people heading out the door of one of our shows, but I had to do just that last night and that is wrong.  That said, I am glad our set went down and everyone who stuck around seemed pleased. As for the aforementioned member of that other act, well, I could care less what he fucking thinks. Got that? Good.
   So now we move on.  I love all 3 of my boys and it is my hope we will emerge from this stronger than before.
  On an entirely different front (I'm over here now), I know the war is over and the bickering has stopped for the most part. We kicked ass and that is that.  I did though, want to share a quote from Ayn Rand that I just read. Ayn Rand was one of the foremost capitalist philosophers ever known to the world and did a hell of a lot for promoting the basic values that make this country great. I highly recommend her 105 page treatise Anthem for a crash course in why the individual is the most important element in our society. Anyway, this is a quote she had concerning the American Military, and I liked it, so here it is...
"You are the army of the last semi-free country left on earth, yet you are accused of being a tool of imperialism -- and 'imperialism' is the name given to the foreign policy of this country, which has never engaged in military conquest.... Something called 'the military-industrial complex' -- which is a myth or worse -- is being blamed for all of this country's troubles...it is urgently important for you to understand the nature of the enemy. You are attacked, not for any errors or flaws, but for your virtues.... You are penalized for being the protectors of the United States. Those who seek to destroy this country, seek to disarm it--intellectually and physically.... The motive of the destroyers is...hatred of America." --Ayn Rand to West Point graduates of 1974.