Ray Montavon (Dad) on a Smokies Trail


Dad & Me at The Smokies Sign

Over the years it became a tradition to take our picture at "The Sign" (the National Parks sign marking entry to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park). I have personally had my picture taken at signs like this in many of our National Parks all over the country. But pics like this one, with me and Pop, started it all. Obviously this is one of my favorite pictures...


Dad with two of his grandchildren

Hard to believe the "little" kids in this photo are now grown up adults of 19 and 22 years old. This was taken on one of Dad's many trips to visit my sister Cheryl in Florida. My niece Jacquie, Cheryl's daughter and my nephew Aaron, my oldest sister Terri's son, are seen "hanging with Grandpa" in this photo, taken during happier times...


The famous "Blizzard Picture"

This picture was taken by our local community newspaper in Wheelersburg, Ohio, and appeared on the front page the day after a big blizzard hit town. The quote they attributed to Dad went something like:

"I was up to see Butch earlier (Butch Turner, owner of the local hardware store, one of Dad's favorite hangouts), and he couldn't keep the snow shovels on the shelves. People were taking them out of there two at a time"!


Young Love! Mom & Dad Smoochin...

Not much needs to be said about this one. One of those moments captured in time. I think the love between these two is evident from the looks on their faces. I'm pretty grateful for this love, after all, it led to my brothers and sisters and...me!

Ray and Carl Montavon circa 1938

Dad & Uncle Carl...

This is a picture of my Dad (on the left) and his older brother Carl (recently deceased...RIP) that I discovered in a box of photos after he was killed and we were putting his memory board together .  From my best estimation, this picture was taken at some kind of fair or festival, maybe the Scioto County or Ohio State Fair, and was snapped somewhere between 1936 and 1940. My guesstimate on the year comes from the fact that I think Dad looks between 16 and 20 years old in that picture.  I like the photo because I think him and Uncle Carl look very cool. Like a couple of young playboys ready to go break some ladies hearts. Also, I like the ZZ TOP style car in the background.


Dad at his Grandparents' grave...

This picture has a "ghostly" qaulity to it, all things considered. I love the shot though and it reminds me that I inherited my fascination with cemetaries from my Pop. I don't think it's anything morbid, but rather a more "historical" interest in those who have come before us... 

Chez Paris

The "Chez Paris" Picture...

Another one of those cool pics, this one taken in the 1950's at a legendary Portsmouth, Ohio, nightclub, the "Chez Paris". Dad and Mom are seated in the center of the picture, surrounded by a group of their best friends, including my Godparents, Lou (RIP) and Evelyn Montavon, (Dad's first cousin and his wife), who are seated to my Mom's left (that would be on the right of the picture). It sure looks like they're all having  a good time doesn't it? Believe it or not, those are only Coke and 7-Up bottles on that table!

In Memory of Raymond Henry Montavon
October 25, 1920 - July 7, 2001