Proper Punishment For Taking A Life

This letter is being written as I just finished viewing a memorial to the father of a dear friend, who was murdered as he sat out on his front porch. What menacing deed did this man commit to deserve being taken from his loved ones? He didn't give his killer "enough money" when he was asked for it. A senseless crime, carried out by an obviously cold, heartless animal.

While some of our laws appear to protect the criminals instead of the victims in our nation, Parole Boards are one of the last lines of defense, and last hopes of keeping society's misfits confined so that they never take another life again. While the Federal Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections is suspect with regard the successes they achieve in rehabilitating those that choose to menace innocent people, the Parole Board Panel has the power to keep felons who have taken a human life behind bars.

The sentence of "Life imprisonment" should mean LIFE IN PRISON for those who are handed the sentence. Life takers who are sentenced to life in prison should not be permitted to re-enter public life, ever. When you think about how many husbands have lost their wives, how many wives have had their husbands taken from them, and especially how many children will never see one or both of their parents alive again because a violent stranger or acquaintance selfishly sent them to their death, does it make one shred of sense to allow a cold-blooded killer his or her freedom? After all, they've taken the freedoms away from others, permanently.

DC Watson

Pennsylvania, USA

In Memory of Raymond Henry Montavon
October 25, 1920 - July 7, 2001